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I feel so disgusted when I see young punks of age 12 to 15 years old having tattoos and thinking that is cool having it all over your body. Tattoos are body art and is not some symbol of showing that you are tough or strong person or associated in being in a society. Being in all this society doesn’t make you cool, famous or respectable but being someone who is independent, educated and honoured by the government is something I tell you girls like me are dying for. Reason being, they can bring a bright future ahead of you.

Benefits of being short (for a girl)



  • Trying to find a boy taller than you is not hard at all
  • Wearing high heels won’t make you look super gigantic
  • Short girls are cute
  • Kissing someone who’s taller is cute when you have to stand on your toes
  • Closer to the ground
  • Hide and seek is easier for you than tall people
  • Short people usually run faster
  • I like being short

FUCKYEAH =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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